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Finding Strength in Sorrow: Coping with Grief through the Four Immeasurables

Here’s sharing a reflection article about how the Four Immeasurables from the Buddhist tradition can help those who are struggling with grief and the death of loved ones. Writing this article led me to consider how the process of grieving doesn’t usually happen all at once — it’s a long, slow process that takes place in fits and starts,  co-existing with all the other milestones of life, whether it’s school, work, or yes, even getting married. Writing can also be a process of thinking, processing, and reflecting on ultimate things — in the end, what is it that really matters?

As I suggest in the article, what if we viewed death and grief as valuable opportunities for deeper reflection and personal transformation? Over the last few weeks of my father’s life, my family and I had some of our deepest conversations with him—about his memories, our family history, and about the meaning of life and death itself. Amidst the darkness of grief, glimmers of light can still shine through. Even in the face of loss, there’s still room for shared connection and precious moments of joy. 🌟

I think Dad would have been proud 🥲

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