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Love and Life at the Gallery

Love and Life at the Gallery is inspired by the masterpieces of the National Gallery Singapore, which houses the world’s largest collection of Southeast Asian art, and offers an unparalleled vantage point for representations of love and life given Singapore's rich history and cultural heritage. It extends, enriches, and honours the long-standing tradition of ekphrasis—that is, literary description and commentary on artworks. In this anthology, over 30 Singaporean poets explore areas of untapped potential, especially in Southeast Asian histories and landscapes as depicted in lesser-known artistic treasures. By reframing paintings, chiselling new lines about sculptures, and exposing the unseen, these poets reveal a vision of life that is expansive and progressive, even as it recognises its roots in the traditions, cultures, and environments of the region.


Available at Kinokuniya


Poetry Festival Singapore


Is race a topic too sensitive to be discussed? Watch this video on the politics of race in contemporary Singaporean short stories -- part of the UCL Joint Faculty Institute of Graduate Studies Friday Forum on 'Race'.

How can we reinvent the teaching of literature in Singapore for the twenty-first century? At the National Institute of Education (NIE), a dynamic and enthusiastic team has been truly passionate about raising the profile of Literature education today.

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