Love at the Gallery

Writing about love is a challenge. How does one verbalise an intimate and inexpressible feeling? How does one top the Bard and a steady flood of poets and songwriters? But still we persist in writing love poems.


Art becomes a muse for most of the 26 love poems in this collection. Those poems are ekphrastic—that is, they engage in the imaginative act of describing, narrating, or reflecting on situations limned in paintings or sculptures, expanding and amplifying on the meaning that they evoke. The artworks that inspire these poems belong to the National Gallery Singapore, which offers an unparalleled vantage point for representations of love in the country’s rich history and cultural heritage.


The 26 love poems are arranged according to common threads based on the four different kinds of love as first outlined by the ancient Greeks: éros, storgē, philía, and agápē. We hope that readers will be continually led back to the poems and their respective artworks.


Available at this site (Ethos Books).


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